BLACK ROS3 is a performing duo, that share their passion for anime, video games, and pop culture through music. Their music is packed with powerful covers, energetic instrumental pieces, and face-melting guitar solos that all culminate into one incredible show.

Veterans of the anime cover band scene, Musicians MichaelAngelo and Vanessa got their starts in notable cover bands such as Ichigo Crush and Midnight Shinigami, and wanted to explore what’s possible with a small setup. Covering popular and classic songs from anime, video games, j-rock, and just about anything in between, the BLACK ROS3 duo aim to create entertaining and intimate shows that connect their love of music to the loving community they’ve been a part of for so many years.
With regular appearances along the West Coast, this group can be seen at popular conventions between Las Vegas and California. Performances include: Sabakon, Anime Los Angeles, Tune In Tokyo Sakura Bomb, Akiba Vegas, and more.

Follow them wherever you like to browse, blackros3.com/social

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