Anime Los Angeles, and other highlights

ALA cosplay catwalk blackrose blackros3

At Anime Los Angeles, you may have caught us at one of our 3 shows, for those that haven’t, we have a video.

We were honored to have such a presence at this year’s Anime Los Angeles.  Performing 3/4 days, we had (2) 1-hour sets, and a spot in the Cosplay catwalk as accompaniment.  Can’t wait to do it all over again.

Ribbons on Ribbons onribbons..


We’ve got ribbons.
It seems silly, I know, but these in the ALA scene are a big deal. If you’ve never visited Anime Los Angeles before, let us be the first to tell you that you WILL walk away with ribbons on your badge from both the event staff and even individual attendees.
Last year was our first year at this con, and we were floored way with this kind of community. To share in the ribbon love, we’ve created our own.
Be sure to stop by, and pick up one of your own during one of our 3 shows.

Friday Jan. 25th at 7PM
Saturday Jan. 26th at 2PM (20 minute Fashion Show halftime)
Saturday Jan. 26th at 5PM

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Finally Recorded

Phew.  It took us long enough.  We’ve played the Miraculous Ladybug theme in every show since our first show at Sabakon.  Yet somehow, our video capture failed in one way or another.  Whether it was battery shutdown, a late arrival, camera focus, audio issues, or in this case a thumb in the shot, we’ve always seemed to be cursed by this song.  Luckily this last bout is a little bit more usable.  Maybe our curse is lifting?

Personally, we’re excited for this new season to finally come around, so even with our small mishaps, we’re just proud that we captured something.
Check out our youtube video (Captured by John W.) and give us a like/subscribe for all the cool stuff to come.

Thank you,
And as always, be sure to let us know on Facebook what suggestions you have, and if you’ve been lucky enough to catch us on camera, we’d love to get a share!
-Vanessa / Michael Angelo

Akiba Vegas

Akiba Vegas

Akiba Vegas is just 9 days away!
We’ll be playing an hour set with songs from
Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Adventure Time, Miraculous Ladybug, Full Metal Alchemist, Your Lie In April, NANA, Teen Titans, Yuri On Ice, and Sword Art Online!
And stick around for the other great performers including Caty Alienyan’s upbeat Idol set, Midnight Shinigami’s full band covers, and a rocking show by LOKA from japan!

Catch you there!

Our First Video

Not like a music video or anything (but *hint hint* there is one to come)
For those who couldn’t make it to on of our shows here’s some clips from the past that highlight what we do.  Please give it a like and a share.

These are clips from before the BLACK ROS3 name was created, so there is a reference to our other awesome band Ichigo Crush.  Unfortunately, because we were not expecting our duo band to form so quickly, we didn’t plan on capturing any footage.  All the footage is cell phone video from friends and family.  If anyone managed to capture additional videos or photos that they’d like to share, please email

Welcome to the family

BLACK ROS3 new photos colaboration.jpg

Oh! Hi there.  You made it to our new page.
It’s still pretty clean here, though we’re already getting some good bookings and have a lot of plans for the future.  Interact with us on social media, and let us know what covers you’d like to see next!

5/21/17 Flamingo Library

Rose cover Michael and Vanessa BLACKROS3 Flamingo.jpg

This show marked the start of BLACK ROS3, as it became the first show where we had a name.  While we did not announce the name during our show, it was created on the car ride over and has stuck with us ever since.

Thank you all who came out to our collaboration show with Las Vegas Kaminari Taiko. Adding our bonus performance to the beginning of the show was not the draw of the event, but everyone that came to watch seemed to have as good of a time as we did.
Until next time Vegas.